Business Continuity Plan:

Our senior management team has a strategic planning phone call every day to discuss any new challenges and ways we can make it safer for our employees, professional van operators, crew members and customers. All mission-critical team members, including those in operations, professional van operators, crew members, warehouse personnel and mechanics continue to work as usual, with extra precautions being taken to ensure social distancing and proper health guidelines are followed. Any team member who feels or appears ill, is instructed to stay home. We are monitoring this evolving situation and taking immediate action to limit exposure and spread of this threat. We have asked our employees, professional van operators and crew members to communicate with us immediately if they experience any symptoms or come in direct contact with anyone who isn’t feeling well, or has tested positive for the coronavirus. We have stocked all office and warehouse locations with gloves, masks, shoe covers, and sanitizer dispensers. We are having each location professionally fogged weekly to kill any potential germs or virus.

Truck Sanitation:

We are wiping down and sanitizing all trucks at the beginning and end of each day. We have also provided our drivers with spray mist bottles of alcohol solution to mist each truck as well as each home they work in each day. We continue to stock extra alcohol solution to assure our drivers have an unlimited supply. This includes cleaning the cab, along with the box attached to the chassis. This procedure will help ensure that truck surfaces are devoid of the virus. We are replenishing our crew members’ and professional van operators’ health kits as needed to ensure they have an ample supply of hand sanitizer, wipes and antibacterial soap to use in their trucks and in our customers’ homes each day.

Our professional van operators have each customer designate a specific bathroom for our move team to use and we wash hands many times throughout the day and sanitize the bathroom at the end of each day.

Daily crew member screening:

We have digital thermometers to take each crew member’s temperature before they are dispatched on any household goods or commercial moves. Any crew member running a fever will not be dispatched and will be sent home for self-quarantine.

CDC Guidelines:

We have shared the CDC Guidelines for avoiding COVID-19, with all employees, professional van operators and move crews. This includes proper handwashing, avoidance of handshakes and hand-over-mouth coughs and sneezes, and maintaining proper social distancing.

Supply Chain:

We are in constant contact with our suppliers including our corrugated box, tape and wrapping paper suppliers. We are being told we will not have to worry about running out of supplies, and we have stocked-up on packing materials to ensure adequate supply in the event of a supply chain disruption.

Communication to our internal employees, professional van operators and crew members is being sent out as we receive updates from local, state and federal governments as well as the CDC and the WHO. We are getting creative when moving shipments into or out of high risk areas. When possible, we are carrying all our own labor with us which allows us to avoid any contact with any labor from high risk areas. Whenever possible, we are asking the customer allow our van operators to perform third party services to avoid additional people in the home.

We are all in this together. We have planned for and implemented procedures to mitigate risk and avoid service disruptions while staying safe. We are vigilant regarding the protection of our employees, our professional van operators and our customers and are available to answer any questions that you or your employees may have. Thank you as always for your business and stay safe and well!