I have had Powell Relocation and Walker Transfer-Powell move me from California to Ohio. Ohio to Georgia, and then to my new home in Canton, GA. I have kept coming back to them because of their relocation coordinator, LaDonna Cannon. LaDonna kept me informed before the move to let me know when they will be coming, what they will do, and track the progress through each step of the move. She knows how stressful moving can be, but her constant contact and touching base put me at ease through each move. She will call while the movers are there, ask how they’re doing, and call you when you arrive at your destination to guide you through the ‘bingo sheet’ to ensure that each asset marked at pickup is delivered and checked off. After completion, LaDonna has always followed up to check how things are and if there is any damage to assets. It is people like LaDonna that keep me coming back and I cannot praise her enough. I don’t know if Powell or Walker Transfer-Powell management know the ‘gem’ they have in her, but I cannot give LaDonna and her team enough credit. Thank You LaDonna and Powell/Walker.