I was very pleased with communication and coordination of Kirstin V. From the very beginning of the process she was engaged and helpful. We always felt that we were on top of the move and what was required of us to support the process. She jumped into the middle of an auto transportation issue and resolved it very quickly. Overall, her involvement was the key to an overall positive relocation experience. Nabor was outstanding and the crews on both origin and destination were excellent and working well together. We felt that we communicated very well with Nabor, and he was attentive to our requests and concerns. The pace and timing of each stage of the move (pack/load/depart, etc) was good and the timeline was met as planned and communicated. There were no surprises. I was very impressed with the hot tub loading and unloading. I haven’t hooked it up and hopefully there is no damage to the motor or other parts, but so far so good. We are about 50% complete with unpacking and do not have any damage or missing items to report at this time. Thank you for taking good care of us during this big transition.